Student DIYs Contraption To Avoid Second-Hand Smoke

Only thing it costs is your dignity


It’s tough being a young man who doesn’t smoke in China, a habit which kills up to a third of all Chinese men. One Nanning University student in Guanxi who decided he wasn’t going to be another statistic, has constructed a rather ingenious contraption to avoid the perils of second-hand smoke.

Stuck with three roommates who smoke, the student clipped a fan to a window above the entrance of his dorm room. He then fixed a long plastic bag over the window helping the fan to draw air from outside into the bag. He then connected the other end of the plastic bag to a box the student wears over his head, protecting him from the second-hand smoke.

The DIY setup certainly wasn’t expensive. Even the box appears to be re-purposed, originally serving as the box for the fan.

second hand smoke smoking invention

Even if our inventor prefers the confines of his cardboard haven over confronting his roommates, the municipal governments of Beijing and Guangzhou have gone ahead and implemented city-wide indoor smoking bans. Hopefully a proposed nation-wide smoking ban will soon take effect, and this poor soul won’t have to hang-out in his dorm with a box over his head.

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor