Wild Panda Takes Big Bite Out of Villager’s Leg

Man received RMB 520,000 in compensation

The giant panda is an endangered species protected by Chinese law. What happens, then, if a giant panda becomes the aggressor and you the victim?

A wild panda was discovered roaming the streets in a village in Lizibei, Gansu Province in March last year. People called animal conservation officials who arrived on the scene and tried to capture the bear. It didn’t go as well as planned, though, and the panda took off running with more than 200 people in hot pursuit.

This panda version of a high-speed chase ended on a farm belonging to 70 year-old Guan Quanzhi. Once the panda reached Guan’s farm, it attacked the villager and knocked him to the ground. In the process, it took a big healthy bite out of Guan’s leg.

The court ordered Guan be given RMB 520,000 in compensation, which is helping to offset his mounting medical bills.


panda bite amputation

He suffered serious injuries to his right leg, including his calf, ankle and foot, and was sent to Mianyang City Center Hospital in Sichuan. In order to set the broken bones and reconnect several severed arteries, Guan underwent seven hours of surgery. He later underwent seven more skin graft surgeries and spent 57 days in hospital. He is now struggling with the decision of whether to proceed with another operation to amputate his leg.

Despite all this damage, the panda remains on the loose.

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor