Woman Arrested for Gambling Ends Up Biting 3 Cops

Kevin McGeary , April 2, 2015 10:49am (updated)

After police raided a gambling den in Shenzhen at the weekend, one young woman resisted arrest particularly aggressively, kicking, screaming and biting three police officers. You can see footage of the attacks on Anhui Television.

When the police arrived, she defied them to hit her. She then said: “Do you think yours truly is afraid of you?” She later shouted at a policeman: “You’re sick! You have syphilis.” The 22 year-old woman can then be seen sitting on a majiang table before kicking and screaming while at least six law enforcers try to subdue her.

After being taken downtown, she continued to refuse to cooperate. Leaving bite wounds on the arms of three police officers.

The woman’s mother told media that she could not control her and urged the police to put her away for two years.

Offering his own nugget of wisdom, the anchorman said human beings should not act like mice or cats.

Playing majiang for money is illegal but common. Police tend to look the other way unless you are operating a gambling den or are in a position to be setting an example to the rest of society. Last year, vice director of Longgang District’s statistics bureau, Lai Dongsheng, was arrested for gambling.

Kevin McGeary

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