Watch: Argument on Guangzhou metro comes to blows

Kevin McGeary , August 28, 2013 7:00am

Subway trains in China’s major cities are a constant source of drama.

When uncivilised behaviour on the Metro is not making the headlines, a fight is.

Last year, a fight over a seat on the Guangzhou Metro led to bloodshed while other passengers just stood and watched.

Then recently, two middle-aged women were filmed fighting over a seat in Shanghai.

Yesterday, Sina Weibo was abuzz with news of another fight on the Guangzhou Metro, this time between a middle-aged man and a younger man. However, on this occasion, one of the scrappers had some moves, meaning the fight ended relatively quickly. Watch:

As you can see, bystanders once again behaved less than heroically, allowing the fight to escalate while filming it.

It started when some angry words led the middle-aged man to give the younger man a clip round the ear. But then the younger man swiftly responded with a quick combination of a left uppercut and a right uppercut.

The older man, by then bleeding, managed a few feeble responses, but he wisely got off at the next stop, Baiyun Culture Square.

Kevin McGeary

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