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Get a Sticker – with QR Code – in Your Passport When Visiting Shanghai Without a Visa

Visit Shanghai visa-free for 144 hours

Shanghai is introducing a new six-day, visa-free transit policy for overseas visitors which is expected to reduce clearance time and cut-down on the number of forged permits.

Custom inspectors will now simply affix passports with a sticker that will be stamped at the end of the visit. Under the current system, inspectors stamp the entry seal on passports and write the date by hand.

The stickers will feature QR codes of local service providers, like hotels, for added convenience. Automatically printed by customs with all of the necessary information required for entry permits, the upgrade is also expected to reduce the number of forgeries.

Airports in Nanjing and Hangzhou will also be implementing the new policy.

Introduced on January 30 of this year, the visa-free transit policy allows citizens of 51 countries to enter Shanghai and tour the surrounding Yangtze Delta region for 144 hours, or six days. Tourists must be in possession of valid travel documents as well as a confirmed travel ticket to a third destination at the end of their Chinese stay.

Last month, the visa-free policy was extended to 15 days for cruise ship passengers entering Shanghai.

Since 2013, a 72-hour visa-free policy had been offered in cities like Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Guangzhou. Shenzhen began offering a 72-hour visa-free stay this past February,

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor