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University Students Taught With English Textbook Full Of Mistakes

Over 80 grammatical and typographical errors

A week after China’s top university temporarily closed down a da Vinci art exhibition due to English errors, another Chinese university has been caught using an English textbook full of grammatical and typographical mistakes.

The Beijing-based newspaper the Legal Mirror reported that the Beijing Forestry University used the mistake-riddled textbook to teach non-English majors during the 2015-2016 academic year.

First published in 2012, the second edition of the textbook, “College English Practice Tests” (shown below), contains numerous grammatical and typographical mistakes.

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One example includes the passage “You can expect to be generating, processing as well as exchange information” in which the word “exchange” should read “exchanging”.

The unnamed resident who first identified the errors with the text book says that “the difficulty in this book fluctuates; some of the vocabulary exceeds the requirements of level 6; and the 14th in the study series is actually at a middle school difficulty level.”

Designed to help university students prepare for the College English Test (CET), a mandatory proficiency test at Chinese universities, Legal Mirror reported that the textbook was also used at other schools.

Peking University Press who publishes the text, has told retailers to pull the book from store shelves. However, it appears the textbook is still available for sale at online retailers like Amazon.

One teacher at Beijing Forestry University said mistakes in its textbooks are “not uncommon”, while another teacher named Shi Bing said mistakes can be found in 30 percent of English textbooks in China.

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor