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Get Your Spring Festival Train Tickets While You Still Can

Traveling during Spring Festival? Buy your tickets soon

While you may not yet be planning your Spring Festival vacation, you may want to think about it as train tickets for the 40-day festival are now on sale.

Popularly referred to as the “largest migration of humans on the planet”, 2.81 billion trips were made during 2015’s Spring Festival, 295 million of which were by rail, according to data from the Ministry of Transport. In other words, anyone with plans to travel during the holiday rush may want to consider buying tickets soon, or better yet, now.

Train tickets for the day of the 40-day Spring Festival travel period went on sale yesterday for trains running from January 24 through to February 7. Tickets to travel on Chinese New Year (February 8) will go on sale December 8.

Train tickets can be booked online at the China Railway Customer Service Center or other travel agencies, mobile apps (such as this English-language one), by phone (9510 5105 for most major cities), or at the train station if you fancy standing in line. In order to buy train tickets or board trains, foreign travelers are required to show a piece of personal identification such as a passport.

As was the case last year, train tickets are available for purchase 60 days beforehand.


Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor