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Tech Expert Successfully Fakes Shanghai Disney Tickets and Sells Them

Sold 1,900 counterfeit tickets to unwitting customers

Shanghai police have arrested a man they say used his position at a tech company to sell counterfeit tickets to Shanghai Disneyland.

The man, named Bai, worked at a company that provides technical support to ticket operations at Shanghai Disneyland.  As part of Bai’s job, he had access to ticket sales records. After being approached by a scalper named Ding in June, Bai altered the dates of electronic tickets already purchased by customers. He then sent the QR codes and order numbers to scalpers to printed tickets that appeared to be authentic.

The scheme worked extremely well, attracting consumers looking for a deal. The price of admission to Shanghai Disneyland is normally 499 yuan, but Bai’s counterfeit tickets were selling for just 280 yuan.

Shanghai police say that between June 27 and July 20, Bai created 2,600 counterfeit tickets, selling 1,700 of them. Bai earned 490,000 yuan and in the process cost Disney 870,000 yuan in lost ticket sales.

The opening of Shanghai Disneyland this past summer was marred with controversies including rampaging tourists and inflated prices, but the most infuriating might have been the issuing of fake admission tickets. Many would-be park visitors were turned away because their purchased tickets were found to be invalid, but no reason was given at the time.

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor