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Spain Seizes $17.5 Million in Counterfeit Goods from China

Over 300,000 items seized

Spanish officials have seized Chinese counterfeit goods valued at 17.5 million euros (RMB 115 million), the largest seizure of its kind in Spanish history.

The Spanish tax bureau worked with the country’s National Guard to seize the counterfeit goods from a container ship in Algeciras, in the south of the country. The majority of the 309,400 counterfeit products were destined for Africa, particularly Senegal and Morrocco, but some of the items were to set remain in Algeciras for sale in local markets.

The goods, mostly shoes, clothing and electronics, came from Yantian in Shenzhen and were hidden within 11 shipping containers surrounded by a layer of authentic goods.

So far, no arrests have been made. The previous record for most number of counterfeit goods seized in Spain was 231,000 fake items, in 2008.

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor