Shenzhen official earns RMB20k a month, has properties worth RMB40 million

Kevin McGeary , January 31, 2013 7:00am

As Guangdong Province pilots the drive to make government officials declare their assets, one of the most high profile cases in the country of a well-connected person illegally acquiring properties is the ‘house sister’ scandal.

Now Shenzhen appears to have its own ‘house brother’ if the claims of the ex-wife of Mr. Liang, the manager of a State-owned telecommunications company, are true.

Liang, 36, has an income of just 20,000 yuan a month but has acquired 20 properties worth a total of 40 million yuan, according to Southern Metropolis Daily. In 2011, he married Luohu-based middle school teacher Ms. Wang after knowing her for eight months.

On December 6 last year, Liang filed for divorce in Luohu District due to irreconcilable differences. Wang demanded 500,000 yuan as part of the divorce, but the court ordered him to pay her just 93,000 yuan.

In reaction to the unsatisfactory settlement, a big red sign was put up on a street in Futian District Tuesday accusing Liang of illegally acquiring the wealth.

Wang claimed responsibility for the sign, and alleged that Liang acquired most of the wealth between 2004 and 2006 when regulations were mosre lax and houses were cheaper than they are now.

Kevin McGeary

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