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11 Year Old Falls To His Death After Grandparents Forget House Keys

Rope snaps when trying to enter

An 11 year-old Sichuan boy is dead after attempting to enter the window of a locked apartment in Baishu, near the City of Dazhou, by being lowered on a rope from the roof above by his grandparents.

Chenchen (a pseudonym) died at the scene when the rope he was holding suddenly snapped, and he fell five floors to the street below.

Local police confirmed that Chenchen’s grandparents forgot their house key inside their fourth floor apartment, and had kept fifth-grade Chenchen from school to help get inside.

As a “left-behind child”, Chenchen was solely under the guardianship of his grandparents. His parents, who both work out-of-province, have been notified and are returning to Baishu.

Local police have determined Chenchen’s death was an “accident”. Reports of the incident don’t mention any criminal charges.

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor