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How To Make Sense of China’s Brand New Train Tickets

Changes take effect August 1

China plans to implement a new, nation-wide system for train tickets on August 1, updating the look of the ticket with some additional information. To veteran China expats, the changes aren’t too confusing, for the sake of those who don’t regularly find themselves on the train, here’s a brief tutorial.

Below the red serial number at the top left hand corner, in the first red box, you’ll see the name of the departing and arriving train stations in Chinese and English. Connecting them is an arrow with a number above it, which is the train number. Just under that, you have the departure date and time, plus the coach number, followed by the seat number.

new train ticket

In the third red box is the cost of the ticket (to the left), and the type of seat or bed the ticket holder is entitled to (to the right).
This box also contains any other specifics, such as “this ticket is valid for this train and date only”.

As in recent years, the ticket holder’s name is on the ticket, as well as his or her personal identification.

It’s the first major change to the train ticket design in China in years. You can read more about China’s railway system at the excellent Tracking China website.

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor