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Michelin Hands Out Stars to These 26 Restaurants in Shanghai

Shanghai's T'ang Court 1st mainland restaurant with 3 stars

Internationally-recognized restaurant guide Michelin has finally released a local edition for mainland China, and has recognized its first three star restaurant on the mainland as Shanghai’s own T’ang Court.

T’ang Court was one of 26 restaurants to be recognized by Michelin, which chose Shanghai as its first city to review in the Mainland. It already has coverage in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Described as “exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey,” T’ang Court is cozy six-table Cantonese restaurant located in the Langham hotel run by chef Justin Lin. Micheal Ellis, international director of the guide, admitted that certain T’ang Court specialties like braised sea cucumber and Wagyu beef “really amazed the palates of our inspectors.”

Seven Shanghai restaurants were awarded two stars by Michelin, including Ultra Violent and Canton 8, the world’s least expensive two-starred Michelin restaurant. “Canton 8 is a reflection of what can be found in Shanghai — masterful, delicious and very good quality cooking,” said Ellis.

Michelin had previously released guides for other parts of greater China in which their recommendations have had a profound effect. Hong Kong’s Tim Ho Wan and Taiwan’s Din Tai Fung have both turned into international franchises after getting glowing Michelin reviews.

Michelin guides for Hong Kong and Taiwan appeared in 2009. Meanwhile, Beijing has yet to receive its guide.

Want to know where to eat this weekend? Here’s the full list of winners:

Three-starred Michelin restaurants

T’ang Court 唐阁 (Cantonese)

Two-starred Michelin restaurants

8 1/2 Otto de Mezzo Bombana  (Italian)
L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon  (French)
Canton 8 v (Cantonese)
Ultra Violet (Creative)
Yi Long Court 逸龙阁 (Cantonese)
Yongfoo Elite 雍福会 (Shanghainese)
Imperial Treasure Restaurant 御宝轩 (Cantonese)

One-starred Michelin restaurants

Sir Elly’s 艾利爵士 (French)
Da Dong 大董 (Peking)
Madam Goose Xinzhuang branch 鹅夫人莘庄店 (Cantonese)
Phenix eatery bar 斐霓丝 (French)
Fu He Hui 福和慧 (vegetarian)
Seventh Son Restaurant Jing’an branch 家全七福 嘉里中心店 (Cantonese)
Jin Xuan Chinese Restaurant 金轩中餐厅 (Cantonese)
Kanpai Classic 老干杯 (BBQ)
Lao Zheng Xing Restaurant 老正兴菜馆 (Shanghainese)
Lei Garden ifc & iapm Branch 利苑 国金中心店 环贸广场店 (Cantonese)
Shang-High 迷•上海 (Shanghainese)
La Famille 南麓浙里 (Hangzhou)
Jade Mansion 苏浙总会 (Shanghainese)
Rong Chinese Cuisine Shanghai Plaza branch 新荣记 (Chinese)
Tai’an Table 泰安门 (Creative)
Yong Yi Ting 雍颐庭 (Shanghainese)

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor