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Man Jumps Into Panda Enclosure and Wrestles with the Bear to Impress Girls

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Another case of mistreating a giant panda at a Chinese zoo happened last week when a man jumped into an enclosure at the Nanjing Zoo in Jiangxi last Thursday, only to be wrestled to the ground by its grumpy occupant.

The 12 year-old male panda, named Meiling, grabbed onto the man’s leg after being awakened. As seen in the zoo surveillance footage, Meiling wrestled the man down and did not let him go for around five minutes.

panda wrestle

The man was finally able to remove his leg from the grasp of the 200-kilogram bear after it turned over on its back.

Deputy director of the Nanjing Zoo Kuang Huaming told a press conference on Sunday that Meiling was given a thorough examination on Sunday, and found to have suffered no injuries from the incident.

Witnesses say the man only suffered a ripped pant leg from his encounter, and is said to have immediately left the scene. He was reportedly trying to impress two girls by petting the panda.

panda wrestle

This past October, a number of Chinese zoo have come under public scrutiny for poor handling of their giant pandas, a nationally protected and beloved animal in China.

Netizens called for the Lanzhou Zoo to be stripped of its right to host a giant panda after one was spotted with a blood stain on its back, prompting suspicion of abuse. Earlier in the month, a public outcry was raised when photos show a panda at the Shanxi Zoo eating garbage thrown to it by zoo visitors.

Giant Pandas are treated no less than a “national treasure” in China where conservation efforts have recently succeeded in having it removed from a list of endangered species.

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor