Hundreds Of Live Ants Seized By Chengdu Airport Customs

A creepy find


People have been trying to smuggle all sorts of animals into China: birds stuffed down a pair of pants, pangolins, even a turtle hidden inside a KFC burger. However, those attempts pale in comparison to what one customs agent at Chengdu’s Shuangliu Airport recently discovered in someone’s luggage: hundreds of live ants.

Approximately 400 live, black ants neatly packaged in glass test tubes, fitted with dampened cotton balls, were discovered in the unidentified individual’s luggage.

After customs agents questioned the owner of the package, they learned that another package containing ants was en route to Chengdu from Hamburg, Germany. Sure enough, when the package arrived, customs agents discovered another 400 live ants packaged the same way.

The People’s Daily Online report made no mention of what the smuggled ants were intended for, which frankly, could be anyone’s guess. An investigation into the case is pending.

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor