Hit-and-run in Shenzhen leaves 7-year old girl dead, police searching for the driver

Xie Qing , January 19, 2013 10:48pm

The year is off to a rough start in Shenzhen, as another horrific story has surfaced only a few weeks into 2013.

The Shenzhen Police are making use of their Weibo account again, this time in search of a driver who hit a 7-year old girl around 3:30 today (Saturday) in the parking lot of Wan Lu Dong Jiang Restaurant on Taoyuan Street in Nanshan District. After hitting the girl, the car sped off. The second-grader was rushed to hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The girl’s parents were migrant workers. Police are now trying to find who did this. Security camera footage showed a dark grey Mazda and a white Toyota near where the girl was hit, and police updated their Weibo account at 7pm to say they had located those two vehicles and the drivers, but they haven’t announced whether one of them committed the crime.

It should be noted that with Spring Festival right around the corner, we’ve entered banquet season. That means there could be many more inebriated drivers on the streets in the next several weeks.

Shenzhen police have promised on their Weibo account that they’ll find the person who did this.  Photos below are from Sina Weibo.