Guangzhou woman opens a carton of yogurt and finds… a condom

Cam MacMurchy , August 26, 2018 3:23am (updated)

If you’re eating something, you might want to stop for a moment.

The Guangzhou Daily is reporting that a woman in Guangzhou wandered into a supermarket in Sanyuanli and wished to purchase some yogurt.  A supermarket clerk recommended a brand and the woman, surnamed Jin, purchased it and took it to her car in the parking lot.

Rather than leave the lot, she figured she’d have a few slurps of her newly-purchased yogurt.  But after opening a carton and having a bite on Wednesday, she noticed a “fishy, greasy, rubber” taste.  Lo and behold, near the bottom of the carton, was a condom ring.

Shanghaiist takes it from here:

Jin, of course, complained immediately to the supermarket management (how convenient she never chose to leave their parking lot) and demanded an explanation for how such a thing could happen. As usual, the supermarket said they’d look into it, and are contacting the yogurt company to begin an investigation.

You can take this story with a grain of salt (no pun intended).  As Shanghaiist pointed out, the manufacturer of the “fishy” yogurt was never named, nor was the supermarket.  Furthermore, it seems odd that the condom is no nicely placed on the top of the yogurt carton in the photo (Did she spit it out? Place it there?).

Still, might be good to stir any yoghurt around a bit before diving in for a creamy bite.


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