Grown man in Shenzhen bursts into tears at sight of Kobe Bryant

Kevin McGeary , August 7, 2013 12:08pm

Kobe Bryant’s appearance in Shenzhen last weekend recalled Beatlemania as fanatics filled the streets of Luohu District, stretching the city’s security resources and climbing onto any object available to get a glimpse of their idol.

Watch this grown man cry as he describes the experience of seeing Kobe from a distance:

His words translate as: “After seeing Kobe I was overcome with excitement. I couldn’t stop crying. I kept crying.”

Below are some images from Sina Weibo of the chaos around the Nike store in Dongmen where Kobe appeared:

One fan managed to climb up a lamp post

Others thought this police car would be a better move

All but a few had to settle for seeing him on a big screen

And, as you can see, even that was a struggle

Kevin McGeary

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