G20 Tableware Used By World Leaders Can Be Yours For Just $13,000

Own a piece of China's meeting of "cooperation and mutual benefit"


Porcelain tableware from the G20 summit state banquet is now available for sale. The exquisite 88-item tableware set can be yours for the auspicious, princely sum of 88,000 yuan ($13,200).

Inspired by Hangzhou’s most famous tourist attraction, each set of hand-made tableware includes scenes of West Lake such as the “Three Pools Mirroring the Moon” and “The Broken Bridge”.

Selected from a choice of 16 different designs, the ceramic tableware required ten months to manufacture using an ancient formula adopted from the Guan Kilns used during the Southern Song Dynasty.

The tableware was used to serve a dinner comprised of matsutake soup, sweet and sour Mandarin fish with pine nuts, sauteed shrimp with Longjing Tea, crab-stuffed oranges, and Dongpo steak.

Also on public display is a separate set of tableware created for a luncheon to welcome spouses of G20 leaders (shown in gallery below). Although more modestly scaled at just 35 pieces, the luncheon tableware set “West Lake Prosperous Blue Peony” also adopted a local theme.

This delicate porcelain didn’t just have a functional purpose, however. Zhao Chunyang, head of the tableware design team, said even the holder for vinegar and sauce pots had a symbolic meaning. “China is another name for porcelain, so the bridge-like design for the holder represents China as a bridge between countries, supporting cooperation and mutual benefit,” said Zhao.

And although the $13,200 price tag for the G20 summit state banquet tableware does not include food, you can still eat like a world leader. The same meal served at Chinese state banquets is available to order online.

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor