dialogue with da vinci errors english translation

da Vinci Exhibition At Tsinghua University Shut Down Because of Loads of English Mistakes

"The Last Super"

A prestigious exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci works at China’s top academic institution, Tsinghua University, was temporarily shut down Saturday to correct a number of glaring translation errors in the exhibit’s English presentation.

People identified a number of mistakes in the presentation of the “Dialogue with da Vinci” exhibition that showcased 60 authentic da Vinci manuscripts.

Errors included:

  • 47 years old He leaved from Milan.
  • 46 years old. The Last super was finished.
  • Hereceivedthe commit of Battle of Anghiari.

The text appears to be literally translated from the Chinese text, and includes several spelling mistakes and omissions. One such example states that da Vinci was “commissioned by the City of Florence to paint the Battle of Ahghiari.”

dialogue with da vinci errors english translation

Zou Xin, deputy director of the Tsinghua University Museum, explained to the Beijing Report that the mistakes are the result of not having a proofreader.

Zou said the errors were corrected by four employees who painstakingly used their fingernails to scratch off the improper translations. Zou thanked netizens for their astute observations, and offered honorary museum memberships to those who had helped out with the corrections.

Zou also said the museum took the opportunity to look into other translation errors at the museum. During the investigation, the museum changed their spelling of Michelangelo’s “David” from its original spelling of “Davide”.

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor