Dog Owner With A Vengeance Tracks Down Truck Carrying Hundreds Of Dogs To The Dinner Table

Collision blocked highway traffic for hours

A Tianjin woman named Zhang had her beloved golden retriever stolen on November 11. After some investigating, she learned the dog was being transported on a truck full of dogs from Jiaozuo, Henan to Yanji, Jilin, likely destined to be eaten.

Zhang and two others tracked the truck to a highway in Langfang, Hebei. When Zhang reported the truck to police, they refused to help. And so, left with no other option, Zhang used her car to force the truck off the road.


The two vehicles collided, dragging Zhang’s car ten meters. As the Global Times reported, Zhang and her group attacked the truck driver after the crash, leading to a traffic jam that lasted for hours.


Reports varied with some claiming the truck was carrying approximately 300 dogs, while others said 500. Thankfully, among the animals was Zhang’s golden retriever.

Zhang and her group were taken to hospital for minor injuries, while the dogs were taken by the local Dacheng police. None of the men transporting the dogs have been arrested.


In the absence of a national law on animal welfare and anti-cruelty laws, China has developed into a society where dogs are both eaten and raised as pets.

Altercations between animal welfare activists and people working in the dog trade are common, often occurring on China’s highways where trucks loaded with dogs are stopped. As in past altercations, police have been reluctant to get involved, only charging truck drivers with quarantine violations. In some cases, animal welfare activists have gone so far as to buy the dogs from the truck drivers, often at inflated prices.

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor