shenzhen dog dragged to death dongguan

Outrage After Dog Dragged to Death Behind Truck in Dongguan

Dragged until it couldn't run for itself

shenzhen dog dragged to death dongguan

[This post contains content of graphic abuse to animals that may be offensive to some readers]

The factory city of Dongguan in Guangdong Province was the scene of a cruel and horrific incident of animal abuse last week as a dog tied to the bumper of a pick-up truck was dragged to its death.

Mr Tan, the netizen who uploaded the photographs online, said the dark-green pick-up was traveling at around 60 kilometers per hour as it dragged the dog behind it on November 27. Tan said the dog was able to keep up with the truck at first, but eventually collapsed.

Other ewitnesses said the dog was dragged to its death, and that one of its legs was extensively mangled from being dragged.

The pick-up has Shenzhen plates and features the name of a Shenzhen-based company located in Bao’an District, signifying that the dog may have been dragged from one city to another.

The internet has lit up with many comments condemning the abuse. One person wrote, “I can no longer tolerate this kind of brutal behavior, dogs are our friends,” while another said, “People who intentionally abuse animals like this simply aren’t fit to be human.” Some people advocated for violence towards the animal abuser, like one person who said, “Go to hell! We should drag the driver behind the car.

This person said, “Terrorists, please do not kill any more good-hearted civilians. Instead, please kill these kinds of people that society won’t feel any pity towards! Deviants!!!” Another person suggested a simple explanation for this may be that “Maybe the dog jumped out of the pick-up, and its owner didn’t know.

Some people saw this as a failing of the government, saying things like “Where is the humanity? Such are the laws of the Celestial Kingdom (China).

Here are photographs of the animal abuse: [CAUTION: GRAPHIC]

shenzhen dog dragged to death dongguan shenzhen dog dragged to death dongguan shenzhen dog dragged to death dongguan shenzhen dog dragged to death dongguan shenzhen dog dragged to death dongguan

The current status of the dog and its owner are unknown. Whatever the driver may be guilty of, it won’t be for cruelty towards animals as China does not currently have any animal anti-cruelty laws, though they are once again up for consideration by the nation’s lawmakers.

In September 2014, a dog was seen being dragged to its death on the streets of Shantou, Guangdong.

While festivals like the Yulin Dog Meat Festival continue to attract large crowds in neighboring Guangxi, a growing number of middle-class pet owners are the forefront of changing attitudes towards animal treatment throughout China .


Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor