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Chinese Passenger Arrested After Refusing To Sit In Coach and Throwing a Tantrum

Ran through the aisles and assaulted a police officer

Some people just don’t want to fly coach. Local police arrested a Chinese passenger on an international flight out of Shanghai’s Pudong Airport Sunday afternoon after the man threw a tantrum when he was refused an upgrade.

The man, identified as Lu, is a Finance Professor at Chengdu’s Southwest University of Finance. He had reportedly been consuming alcohol before boarding United Airlines flight UA087 bound for New York.

When his attempt to sneak into the first-class section was denied, Lu decided the best course of action was to throw a temper tantrum. He proceeded to run up and down the aisles, eventually lying face-down in protest. The captain immediately called police to forcibly remove Lu from the plane.

When police arrived, they calmly asked Lu to cooperate and leave the plane peacefully. Lu however refused, prompting a physical altercation that injured three of the police officers. Two of the injured officers have since returned to work while the third is still recovering from his injuries.

Lu has been charged with interfering with police action, assaulting a police officer, and obstruction of justice. He faces a fine of 200 yuan (US$31) and a maximum 37 days in detention.

Here’s a video of police attempting to take Lu off the flight:

Chinese passengers have been involved in recent incidents aboard international flights that required police intervention.

A passenger that had drunk too much was restrained with packing tape and seat belts on a Hong Kong to Siberia flight last July. The same month, the FBI detained a Chinese passenger after attacking a flight attendant on a Guangzhou to Los Angeles flight. And in August, an Air Canada flight was forced to return to Beijing Airport after entering Russian airspace after an incident in which another flight attendant was attacked.


Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor