kids break art shanghai museum of glass

Adults Watch as Kids Destroy Artwork at Shanghai Gallery

Others simply steal the artwork

Surveillance footage from the Shanghai Museum of Glass captured two children vandalizing an exhibit while the two women supervising them photographed the incident on their cellphones.

The footage shows the children crossing a barrier and playing with a glass exhibit hanging on the wall. Only after the piece of art shattered on the ground did the women intervene, removing them from the broken break art shanghai museum of glassTitled The Wait of the Angel, the piece seen below was created to celebrate the birth of the artist’s daughter. However, after the exhibit was damaged, the artist changed the name of the piece to Broken.

the wait of the angel

kids break art shanghai museum of glassThe Shanghai Museum of Glass responded to the incident by setting up a video display next to the exhibit that shows the surveillance footage of the incident on permanent loop (seen above).

The Shanghai Museum of Glass just celebrated its fifth anniversary last week. Broken had been on display at the museum since 2014.broken artIn the same week, a graduation exhibition for the Guangzhou Academy for Fine Arts saw one of its exhibits destroyed by a visitor. A middle school student had knocked over a ceramic artwork, but failed to set it back properly. After the student walked away, the piece fell to the ground and shattered. It took the artist, Ah Hua, three months to create the ceramic but the artist did not hesitate to forgive the middle school student, who offered a teary apology.

Curators of the exhibit responded by leaving the broken artwork on the ground and taping an area around it (seen above). A few of the other students with pieces in the exhibition complained that their work was stolen by viewers.

broken art

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor