China Watchdog Says Wahaha and C’est Bon Water Unsafe to Drink

Charles Liu , January 25, 2015 12:34am (updated)

cest bon bottled waterWahaha and C’est Bon top the list of eight bottled water brands that are unsafe to drink, according to the Beijing Bureau for Food and Drug Inspection. The unfit bottled water products are all 18.9 liters and have problems with excess amounts of bacteria and yeast.

The other six brands are lesser known and don’t have English names. They are Nanquanhe (Southern Spring River), Longquanxiagu (Dragon Spring Ancient Gorge), Jixing (Lucky Star), Tuxing (Picture Shape), Saibing (Competitive Ice), and Shuizhuangyuan (Water Champion).

The makers for Tuxing were previously put on a blacklist for another water product that also exceeded safety standards.

The Beijing Bureau for Food and Drug Inspection have pulled all of these products from sale. Consumers that have already purchased these products may return them with a purchase receipt or with the product’s outer packaging.

Wahaha and C’est Bon have both said their products can be returned unconditionally.


Photo: Beijing Youth Report

Charles Liu

The Nanfang's Senior Editor