Baiyun airport rolls out free unlimited Wi-Fi

Cam MacMurchy , December 20, 2011 12:43pm

As of this past weekend, writes Southern Metropolis Daily, Guangzhou’s Baiyun International Airport now offers free unlimited Wi-Fi throughout the terminal building.

They’ve named the network “AIRPORT-WIFI-FREE,” but you’ll need a mobile phone number or [Sina?] Weibo account to log on through a browser. A reporter for the newspaper went to check it out and found a strong signal everywhere from the main hall to departure areas in both the A and B gate corridors, adding that the connection was fast enough to watch streaming video no buffering needed.

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Also just launched are 63 “multifunction media kiosks” spread throughout the airport, where you can check flight info, update your Weibo, play games or recharge device batteries.

Baiyun International Airport has had 100 paid Wi-Fi hotspots since December 2009, upgrading service in July this year to offering 2 free hours of Wi-Fi which required calling a toll-free number. The airport’s newest Wi-Fi offering claims a maximum speed of 100 MB/s.