A 16-year old boy under pressure at school jumps to his death in Shenzhen

Lucy Liu , January 28, 2013 6:45pm

There are two issues that seem to continually plague this part of the country: suicides from jumping off of buildings (Foxconn), and intense school pressure that takes some kids to the breaking point.

People in Shenzhen believe it’s the second reason which caused the death of a 16-year old student in Longgang District last Saturday (January 26).

Media reports say the senior high school student jumped from the eighth floor of his complex, shocking his parents and those living below.  He was quickly pronounced dead by doctors.

Neighbors suspect the boy had an argument with this parents before taking the drastic step to jump from his home. They say the boy, whose father is a civil servant, was very polite. His parents refused to answer questions when asked by the media.

Reporters who have spoken with Longgang Police say the boy may have committed suicide because of problems related to his performance in school. He had just gone to pick up his grades at 7 o’clock that morning, and returned home early at 11am before jumping to his death.

Some say it’s time either kids get used to the pressure, whether it be from school or just being scolded. Others, though, say kids need to know it’s okay to fail… sometimes. As long as you try your best.